Rosamund Jane Pritchard
Ros pritchard


Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

In Office

13 May 2006 - 27 June 2007

Preceeded by

Tony Blair

Succeeded by

Catherine Walker

Political Party

Purple Alliance


Ian Pritchard


Emily Pritchard; Georgina Pritchard

Rosamund 'Ros' Jane Pritchard is a supermarket manager who creates her own party, the Purple Democratic Alliance. Ros succeeds Tony Blair, having won the general election by a huge landslide. When she first comes to the job she knows nothing about politics, but with the help of her advisor Catherine Walker, who becomes Deputy Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer, she warms to the job, dealing with crises such as a plane exploding over Walthamstow and proposing a one day a week car ban.

Within her first couple of days as Prime Minister she finds her job very demanding and so decides to borrow one of the postal services fleece and take a visit to her supermarket in Manchester in the early morning just to escape from her hectic job although it doesn't take long for the press to find out.